Design Packages for Farms

We are delighted to offer these fresh design packages for farmers and welcome designer Christel Leblanc to our community. Christel brings a wealth of design experience for values-based organizations and together we have designed these packages based on conversations with our community of farmers.

The Sprout and Refresh packages are for busy farmers who need an affordable, fresh brand. The process begins when the farmer fills out a Creative Brief form, which gives the designer key information and guidance to develop a logo. Discussion is kept brief and formulaic in order to move the process along with efficiency of time and cost. In the last stages of design, the client will be able to make minor adjustments to the logo before the fresh brand package is delivered.

This compressed development process keeps resource costs to a minimum by allowing the designer to focus on meeting the client’s needs rather than leading a collaborative back-and-forth process between client and designer (available in the Bloom package).

The Bloom package is a premium design experience aimed at proprietors looking to invest significant time and money into creating an innovative, exceptional brand and related assets. The process is much more time intensive than the Sprout and Refresh packages and demands significant commitment from the client. Developing a complete brand requires research, consultation and an iterative step-by-step process led by the designer, during which the client takes on an important participatory role. Each Bloom project will be tailored to the needs, desires and availability of the client, so the process must begin with a consultation, either in person or via email, Skype or phone.

To get started contact [email protected]