CSA Farm Management Software

Built by Farmers for Farmers



HarvestHand is a website software platform dedicated to helping farmers grow and manage their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships. As farmers ourselves, we're passionate about supporting farms with CSA's to become more profitable using HarvestHand CSA Software, helping communities eat better through the HarvestHand Community, creating good jobs in rural communities, and building new media solutions that make sharing the harvest easier.

Why Use HarvestHand for Your Farm?

Save time and grow your farm sales. Let the CSA software take care of the administrative tasks of managing member lists, invoices and payments, keeping track of add on's to shares, etc.

Easy Membership Management

  • Self Serve Sign-Up
  • Customizable Product and Share Offerings
  • Printable Delivery Reports
  • Downloadable Excel Reports
  • Automatic Email Notifications

Built in E-Commerce Solutions

Simplify getting paid by your CSA members with Online Payment Processing. Optional Paypal integration, e-transfers with track-able customer numbers, and scheduled bank payments are possible with this software.

Website Management Platform

Besides managing your CSA memberships, HarvestHand is also a marketing platform and content management system for editing and creating content for your website. Create and write pages to describe your farm and your CSA share offerings. Write blog posts to keep your members and potential members updated about what's happening at your farm. Use the Newsletter to bulk email your members.

And don't forget that you can pay someone to do your homework. Such a strategy is ideal for giving more attention to our website and your farm!